Hi! My name is Emily and if you're reading this then you've found my little space on the internet and probably wondering who I am. I am a 23 year old girl living in the North West of England and I love all things colourful, glittery and cute.

I started blogging and using social media as a form of expressing my passion for fashion and being creative during my battle with chronic illness and mental health. 

With a love for all things cute and colourful this blog is dedicated to bringing you all things that make me, ME! From fashion, DIY's to general lifestyle topics on experiences and current pop culture, I hope you can find something on my little web space that makes you smile or inspires you to just be creative in your everyday life. 

Things I like:

♡ pink ♡ rainbows ♡ glitter ♡ cats ♡ sequins ♡ sugar ♡ Disney ♡ crafting ♡ horror films ♡ Diet Coke ♡ novelty bags ♡ Betsey Johnson ♡ 

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